Out of this World Summary

This weekend PEG headed to Coach Patty’s in Camarillo for the Out of this World Invitational. Coach Patty always hosts excellent meets and this was no exception. Many of the top gyms in the area were in attendance, making for a great competition.

Congrats to first time competitor Katelyn! You did such a great job!

Level 4 – Top 5 Finishes (2nd Place Team)
Lana – 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Kennedy – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Kira – 4th Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd All Around
Chloe – 2nd Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd All Around
Madison – 4th Vault, 1st Bars, 4th Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Priya – 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around
Lexi – 4th Beam, 4th All Around
Amanda – 4th Vault, 4th Bars, 5th All Around
Kaelyn – 5th Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th Floor, 5th All Around
Ava – 5th Vault, 3rd Beam, 5th All Around
Mikayla – 5th Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th All Around
Sadye – 2nd Beam, 5th All Around
Sierra – 4th Beam, 5th Floor
Taylor – 1st Floor
Tiffney – 2nd Vault
Alex – 4th Vault
Sydney – 5th Floor

Level 4 Personal Bests
Priya – Vault, Floor and Beam
Kennedy – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and All Around
Kaelyn – Floor
Ava – Vault, Beam, Floor, All Around
Carly – Floor
Mikayla – Vault
Amy – Vault, Bars
Kyla – Vault
Kira – Bars, Floor, All Around
Sierra – Beam
Sabrina – Vault, Beam, Floor and All Around
Berlyn – Beam
Madeline – Vault, Beam, Floor, and All Around
Sadye – Vault, Beam and All Around
Chloe – Bars, Beam
Lana – Vault, Bars, Floor and All Around
Lexi – Vault,
TIffney – Vault
Madison – Vault, Bars and All Around
Ayda – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and All Around
Masha – Vault and All Around
Nikki – Vault
Taylor – Floor
Alex, Vault, Beam and All Around
Lauren – Vault

Level 5 – Top 5 Finishes
Katya – 1st Bars, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Grace – 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd All Around
Sabrina – 4th Vault, 4th Bars, 4th Beam, 4th All Around
Skylar – 1st Bars
Lizzie – 3rd Bars
Ana – 2nd Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th All Around
Natalie – 4th Floor
Kailey – 4th Beam

Level 5 Personal Bests
Grace S – Vault, Bars and All Around
Sabrina – Vault, Bars, Beam and All Around
Ana – Vault
Katya – Floor
Grace N- Bars, Floor
Kayla – Bars
Lizzie – Bars
Kailey – Bars

Level 6 – Top 5 Finishes (2nd Place Team)
Ashley – 2nd Vault, 5th Bars, 1st Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st All Around
Sara East – 4th Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Journi – 5th Vault, 1st Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around
Kayleen – 1st Bars, 4th Beam
Samantha – 4th Beam
Sarina – 2nd Bars
Kylie – 3rd Vault
Destinee – 4th Bars
Mary – 4th Vault, 4th Beam
Isabella – 3rd Vault
Hayden – 4th Vault, 5th Floor

Level 6 Personal Bests
Hayden – Floor and All Around
Isabella – Vault, Beam and All Around
Mary – Vault, Bars
Destinee – Vault, Bars and All Around
Kylie – Vault, Beam, Floor and All Around
Samantha – Vault
Journi – All Around
Sara – Bars, Floor and All Around
Ashley – Vault
Amy – Vault and All Around
Sarina – Bars, Floor
Carolina – Beam
Nikki – Bars, Floor and All Around
Jorie – Vault

Kellogg’s Tour Wrap Up

We had 12 girls participate in the Kellogg’s Tourthese past weekends, and many more watching from the audience!  The consensus? It was a great time!

Caitlin and Redfoo

Caitlin meets Redfoo from LMFAO

To start, Bogdana, Katelyn and Caitlin were all featured athletes in the show.  The girls were representing the journey from young athlete to Olympian. They worked closely with John Macready, participated in skits on the trampoline and floor, plus did a little acting in between. Bogdana was in the Ontario stop, Caitlin was in Los Angeles and Katelyn was in  Anaheim. At the Los Angeles stop, LMFAO performed – it was pretty cool!

The other girls Maddie, Betsy, Sierra, Amanda, Stephanie, Ana, Kyla, Amy and Sabrina were all a part of the opening show.  We took everyone out to lunch at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City (Thanks to the Starkman family!) before hand.  From there we carpooled

Sabrina, Sierra and Maddie in the Opening Show

Sabrina, Sierra and Maddie in the Opening Show

to  Staples Center for the show.  The girls went through a super quick rehearsal, received their leos, flags and t-shirts and went out to the floor.  They were all treated to a talk from Jordyn Wieber, John Orozco, Chris Brooks and Savannah Vinsant.  It was cool to hear Olympians talk about their likes, dislikes, struggles and triumphs. After that the girls were shuttled back to the wings to await their big debut.  The opening number was great!  Lots of lights, excitement and action.  All of our girls did great, plus they had so much fun!

Waiting for their autographs.

PEG girls Ava, Carly, Sabrina, Sierra and Caitlin wait for their autographs.

Finally, after the show a few athletes were able to go get autographs.  This station was very efficient, no one was even allowed to stop for photos.  Aly Raisman, John Orozco and Kyla Ross and Gabby Douglas were all super sweet, making sure to say kind words to all of the girls. Thanks to USAG and the Kellogg’s tour for providing this amazing opportunity to all of the girls.

September Developmental Camp Summary

Caitlin, Amari and Izzy pose in front of US Olympic Training Site sign.

Caitlin, Amari and Izzy pose in front of US Olympic Training Site sign.

From Sept. 9 – 13 the girls traveled to Texas for the September Developmental Camp.

Everyone woke up early to catch our 6:45am flight.  Once the plane landed it was a rush to grab the rental car and get on the road.  After about an hour drive everyone makes a quick stop at Krogers (the last sign of civilization before you hit the ranch) to grab supplies and snacks. This time we were advised to bring bug spray to avoid West Nile Virus!

After another 30-40 minutes of driving through the country and forest, we arrived at camp.  The girls found their room assignments and unpack. There are very strict rules about coaches not being allowed in the girls cabins.  They must be very independent – setting alarms so they are on time to all training sessions and meals, doing their own hair, eating properly, etc.  There is no time to relax once the girls arrived as there is physical abilities testing and a short workout the very first night. Before and after each workout the girls line up tallest to shortest.  At then end of each workout Valeri speaks to the athletes about his impressions and goals.  He thanks the girls for working hard – they reply in unison with “Thank You Valeri, Coaches and National Staff Goodbye!”

Line Up

The girls line up before and after workout.

Physical abilities testing was a little like TOPs on steroids.  It includes rope climb (higher than TOPs), vertical jump, cast handstands (10 instead of 5), levers, press handstands, handstand holds, front tuck sticks, back tuck sticks, full twist sticks, kip cast handstands and flexibility.  Each section is scored out of ten.  It’s definitely a good way to keep tabs on where your conditioning is strong or weak.

Starting the next morning the girls had 2 – a -day trainings.  The went from 8:30 – 12:00ish and then again from 4-7:00ish.  This included optional training in the morning on vault, bars, beam, floor and dance.  In the afternoon they focused more on  compulsory and basic skills once again doing bars, beam, floor and dance, but substituting trampoline for vault. Each day the girls verified one event.  They had to show their skills in a pressure situation to the National Staff, Valeri Liukin and Brevet Judge Kristy Phillips. In between training sessions the girls hung out with the other athletes, watched movies, played outside, tried to find cell phone reception and napped.

The coaches spent breaks and evenings receiving valuable coaching advice from the National Staff.  There were tumbling clinics by Valeri Liukin and Ivan Ivanov, beam clinics by Tammy Biggs, bars with Valeri, Tom Forrester and Neil Resnick and an informative session on the code of points with Kristy Phillips.

The athletes were sent home with goals and suggestions on what to work on. So far, training back at PEG has been going well!  Amari and Izzy are heading back the last weekend in September for National TOPs Testing

Leaving the Karolyi's Ranch

Amari, Caitlin and Izzy pose with the departure sign.


Random Tid Bits:
The food is SO much better at Developmental Camp vs. TOPs camp.
Kids love goats – ask them what pictures they took and all they will talk about it the goats!
Kids say the funniest things.


Judges’ Cup Summary

PEG hosted it’s first competition this past weekend.  The North Judges Cup was a huge success!  We had some great vendors on site: Blizz Yogurt and Kbee Leoatrds.  There was a fabulous raffle offering Lakers tickets and a Makenna American Girl Doll,  plus the movie, and so much more.

Most importantly, there was great gymnastics!  Paramount had an amazing showing at our season opener.  We won the level 4, 5 & 6 Team Titles

Level 3s and Coach Brittney

The level 3s with coach Brittney getting into the Fiesta spirit

Our level 3s were cute as a button – like always.  Congrats to first time competitorsParamount Level Natalie and Sofi.  They did an amazing job.  Ellorie and Bella competed like veterans, bring home many rainbow and pink ribbon.

Level 4 Highlights– Congrats to first time level 4 competitors Ava, Carly,  & Mikayla.  Also, all of our level 4s have qualified to sectionals!
Top 5 Finishes:
Kira – 2nd Vault, 4th Bars, 1st Beam, 2nd Floor – 1st AA
Taylor – 4th Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 4th Floor, 1st AA
Sierra – 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Floor, 2nd AA
Chloe – 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 4th Floor, 2nd AA
Maddie D – 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd AA
Amanda- 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor, 3rd AA T
Mikayla – 2nd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd AA T
Sydney – 5th Bars, 1st Bars, 5th Beam, 4th Floor, 3rd AA
Lexi – 3rd Bars, 1st Floor, 3rd AA
Kaelyn – 4th Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th AA
Kennedy – 5th Vault, 5th Bars, 5th Beam, 5th Floor
Lana – 2nd Bars, 5th AA
Sadye – 4th Bars, 5th AA
Ayda – 3rd Vault, 5th Bars
Lauren – 2nd Beam
Tiff – 4th Vault

Congrats to:
Priya, Sabrina, Amy, Kyla, Ava, Berlyn, Carly, Samantha, Alex, Maddie, Nikki, Masha, who part of the winning level 4 team and for qualifying to sectionals!

Level 5 Highlights – Our entire level 5 team is qualified to sectionals!

Top 5 Finishes:
Natalie – 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Skylar – 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st All Around
Raina – 2nd Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 2nd All Around
Ana – 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 4th All Around
Sabrina – 2nd Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Katya – 3rd Vault, 2nd Bars, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around
Kayla – 1st Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Lizzie – 3rd Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th Beam, 2nd Floor, 3rd All Around
Madison R – 3rd Vault, 2nd Bars, 4th Beam, 5th Floor, 4th All Around
Grace S – 3rd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 4th All Around
Kailey – 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 4th All Around
Maddie W – 5th Bars

Also congrats to Dara & Grace N for contributing to the team total and qualifying to sectionals!

PEG's Level 6s Kristen, Mary and Jorie

PEG’s Level 6s Kristen, Mary and Jorie await the awards ceremony.

Level 6 Highlights – Our entire level 5 team is qualified to sectionals!  A big shout out to Jorie, Samantha  and Kristen for competing in their first level 6 meet!

Top 5 Finishes:

Kayleen – 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Ashley – 1st Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd All Around
Mary – 2nd Vault, 3rd Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st All Around
Journi – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All Around
Sarina – 2nd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Carolina – 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 3rd All Around
Sara – 4th Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around
Hayden – 4th Vault, 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd All Around
Bella – 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor,  2nd All Around
Amy – 1st Vault, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 4th All Around
Samantha – 2nd Vault, 5th Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 4th All Around
Destinee – 4th Vault, 5th Beam, 5th All Around
Jorie – 5th Beam, 2nd Floor, 5th All Around
Kristen – 4th Vault, 4th Floor
Nikki – 5th Bars

A big congrats to Regina and Kylie who also contributed to the team total!

Thanks to everyone that came out to support PEG at the Judges Cup.  It was an amazing weekend.

The New Kids on the Block


…And not the boy band.

We have a brand new competitive team at P.E.G. called USAG Xcel. We are proud to announce that workouts official begin on Monday, September 10th from 5:30 to 7:30 and we have an extremely talented and dedicated group of young ladies that will learn routines for all four events and hopefully be ready to compete in January 2013. Fingers crossed!

You’ll see these great girls working out every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

A Little Bit About the Program:

Under the umbrella of USAG (USA Gymnastics), they have developed a program called ‘Xcel’ that is designed to give more options to variations of routines, as opposed to the traditional J.O. (Junior Olympic) program that requires set compulsory skills and routines that are required of everyone in the country.

How is this different than the team you see day in and day out?

• Firstly, the time commitment is significantly less. Currently, we would like to start out in the beginning of September on Mondays and Wednesdays from 530pm-730pm. This allows time for homework focus or for interests in other sports and extracurricular activities to be possible. As the program grows, and when we get closer to competitions, or even as per requested, depending on how many want an extra day added, we will look into the possibility of accommodating those who want it as an optional day.

• Secondly, the tuition is significantly less than the tradition J.O. program under USAG. Mostly because of the lesser time spent, as they go hand-in-hand with making it a bit easier on your gymnast. Not that this team will be specifically easy, because as with everything in life, success depends on the time put in, and within the four hours allocated for Xcel, we will be working very hard to put together a viable and successful team.

• Thirdly, each child will have different routines catered to their strengths and capabilities. Floor, Bars, Vault, and Beam will each have a routine choreographed specifically to enhance and showcase each of your daughters’ unique abilities and talents and bring out the best in them.

Instead of levels, such as 1, 2, 3, etc, the Xcel Program distinguishes its athletes by dubbing them Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Each ‘level’ does consist of certain requirements that each member must meet, however in their own creative and unique way. For example, there are no set routines that each gymnast must learn and complete, but a list of requirements from which we can choose, so that each routine will be a showcase of each child’s strengths. This is not to say that your gymnast will stay stagnant and repeat the same skills over and over. We will always be working on skills that they will inevitably need for the next level. However, I will not allow them to compete those skills until they absolutely have them consistently, with confidence, and done well.

And how is it the same?

When the J.O. competitions occur, Xcel will be competing right along with them, however with other teams that participate in Xcel. The girls will have the same competition leotard, same warm-ups, same team bag, but merely competing in a different realm. They are just an extension of the fantastic competitive team we already have now.

And, it’s FUN!!

This team is based mostly on ability and as the girls acquire new skills, they will be able to add them into their routines and move up to the next distinguished ‘level’.

This has been an exciting forst year for Paramount Elite Gymnastics, and with Xcel, and everything else new and exciting going on in the gym, our second year will be even better!

Athlete Profile – Grace N

Grace Nasser

Grace competing on beam.

Name: Grace/Gracie Nasser
Nickname: Grace Nascar
Age: 10
Level: 5
Favorite Event: Beam
Favorite Gymnastics Memory: Making her round off, back handspring, back tuck on the floor!
Favorite Leo brand: GK
Short term goal: Is to make a perfect back walkover on the beam and make higher than a 36 on her next competition.
Long term goal:  is to move to level six.
Favorite NON- gymnastics activity: Swimming.

Athlete Profile – Sammy G!

Sammy Goldman

Sammy Goldman wins first place at the Lady Luck Invitational.

Name: Sammy Goldman
Favorite Event:Floor
Favorite gymnastics memory: When I won level 8 State Champion on vault. I was in shock!!!
Favorite leotard brand: Rebecca’s Mom
Short term gymnastics goal: Level 9 Westerns and State Champion.
Long term gymnastics goal: To be accepted to an elite college.
Favorite non- gymnastics activity:sketching, painting nails, and shopping.

2012 National TOPs Testing

The results are in – PEG will be sending 6 girls to the 2012 National TOPs testing.

2012 TOPs National Testing Qualifiers

The 6 girls headed to the 2012 TOPs National Testing:
Bella, Bog, Izzy, Amari, Katelyn, & Journi

The girls will travel from Sept. 27 – 30 to the middle of the San Houston National Forest.  This testing takes place at the famed Bela Karolyi /National Team / Olympic Training Center.

Let’s meet the girls!

Bella (8) – this will be her first National testing, although she did attend the TOPs invitational campin May.

They had just been told they qualified.

Bog (10)- She’s a seasoned pro at this TOPs stuff. This is her third National testing. She’s also been to A camp, B camp and was top 3 in physical abilities at the May Invitational Camp. You can also see her featured in the Ontario stop of the Kellogg’s Tour!
Izzy (10) – This is Izzy’s second time at National testing. She will also be headed to ranch in early September for developmental camp.
Amari (10) – This is also Amari’s 3rd National testing. Amari attended A camp last year and will be joining Izzy at developmental camp in September.
Katelyn (10) – This is her first trip to the ranch. We’re sure it won’t be her last! She will be featured at the Anaheim stop of the Kellogg’s Tour.
Journi (9) – Although she qualified for testing last year, she was unable to attend. This trip will be her first time at the National Team Training Center.

What is TOPs you ask?  It stands for Talent Opportunity Program.  The girls participate in local tests and are evaluated on strength, flexibility and basic skills.  The scores are sent to the National Office and compared against the rest of the country.  The top percent of testers are invited to the National Team Training Center for National Testing.  National testing involves much more difficult skills, but the same flexibility and strength tests.  The girls are judged by the National Staff.  The highest ranked girls are invited to the National Team (or A Camp) and the next group of highly ranked girls are invited to B camp.  Not everyone makes national testing or camp, it is a huge honor.

Inspired by McKayla Maroney, the girls are not impressed!

PEG is very proud of all the hard work and dedication the TOPs girls put in over the summer.  Here’s to a great testing in September.