TOPs Camp

The girls on the plane to 2012 TOPs A Camp

Amari, Bog and Bella are headed to TOPs A Camp.

Coach Liang left this morning with the girls for TOPs A Camp. The ladies took a 6:24am flight (oof!) and landed in Houston around noon. The first day of travel is always rough for the west coasters. They have to take the earliest possible flight in order to arrive to Physical Abilities testing the first night.

TOPs Camp differs from Developmental Camp in a couple of way.
1. The girls all travel in a bus with other TOPs kids to the Ranch.
2. The girls stay in the large cabins, not the athlete motels.
3. The girls stay with a chaperone, not alone.
4. The last afternoon workout is open to the parents to watch.
5. There is a CLEANEST CABIN Award.
6. The final evening the girls put on a song and dance for the National Staff. This is a judges contest.
7. There is also a T-Shirt decorating contest. This is also judged by the National Staff.
8. In the past there has been a dance party on the final night. I hear rumors of a bon fire this time!

All of the girls are divided into color squads (I believe PEG is in the Yellow cabin this year). The yellow girls will eat, sleep and train together all week.

Tonight will consist of testing and likely a quick workout. The girls will head straight to bed after workout and dinner. Starting tomorrow the girls will start 2-a-day workouts, and all of their spare time will be spent creating and perfecting their song, dance and shirts. Evenings are spent either practicing for the show, taking the National Team photo and receiving their apparel.

This is Amari and Bogdana’s final trip to the Ranch for TOPs National Team Camps.. Next year they will have aged out. Bella is experiencing her first TOPs Team camp experience.

State Championships Summary

This weekend was the culmination of Compulsory Season in Southern California. 900 athletes from around the state gathered in Pasadena to show there stuff.

Paramount Elite Gymnastics had a great weekend. Our team placed 2nd for level 4, level 5 Mini Team and Level 6. That’s 2nd in the State. It’s pretty amazing for a new gym.

Over all we had:
9 First Place Finishes
34 Top 3 Finishes
28 Top 5 Finishes
81 Top 10 Finishes
That is 233 times PEG stood on the podium. Great work ladies – we are so proud of you!

Let’s start with our State Champions:

Sara East – Level 6 State Champion on Bars!
Kayleen Gordon – Level 6 State Champion on Beam!
Natalie Ramirez – Level 5 State Champion on Floor!
Kayla Phillips – Level 5 State Champion on Vault, Floor and All Around!
Kaelyn Diaz – Level 4 State Champion on Vault!
Madison Durham – Level 4 State Champion on Floor!
Jennifer Parandian – Level 4 State Champion on Beam!

For Level 6, 12 year olds – PEG swept the bar podium. 1-4 place were all from Paramount.
Level 4 6 year olds also went 1,2,3 on Vault!

Here are the rest of our top 10 finishers:
Kayla Phillips – 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 5th Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st All Around
Sara East – 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 5th Beam, 4th Floor, 2nd All Around
Jennifer Parandian – 3rd Vault, 8th Bars, 1st Beam, 6th Floor, 2nd All Around
Taylor Krauss – 8th Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Lana Bazik – 4th Vault, 4th bars, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around
Kennedy Church – 5th Vault, 2nd Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd All Around
Amy Pham – 7th Vault, 4th Bars, 9th Beam, 2nd Floor, 3rd All Around
Kayleen Gordon – 10th Vault, 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 2nd Floor, 3rd All Around
Natalie Ramirez – 8th Vault, 9th Bars, 4th Beam, 1st Floor, 3rd All Around
Priya Torres – 3rd Vault, 5th Bars, 8th Beam, 5th Floor, 3rd All Around
Lexi Schloessman – 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam – 4th All Around
Madison Durham – 6th Vault, 3rd Bars, 1st Floor, 5th All Around
Ashley Peykar – 5th Vault, 4th Bars, 6th Beam, 6th Floor, 5th All Around
Jayme Drapkin – 7th Vault, 8th Bars, 5th Beam, 8th Floor, 5th All Around
Skylar Payab – 3rd Vault, 3rd Bars, 10th Floor, 5th All Around
Kaelyn Diaz – 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 6th Beam, 6th All Around
Kira Bolden – 6th Bars, 3rd Beam, 6th All Around
Sierra Starkman – 2nd Vault, 9th Beam, 7th Floor, 7th All Around
Ayda Madani – 9th Vault, 4th Bars, 9th Floor, 7th All Around
Masha Tunik – 6th Vault, 3rd Bars, 7th All Around
Anahit Cholakyan – 4th Vault, 9th Bars, 10th Floor, 7th All Around
Grace Shuck – 6th Beam, 5th Floor, 7th All Around
Sydney Smith – 8th Vault, 10th Bars, 8th Beam, 5th Floor – 8th All Around
Ava Martzke – 2nd Vault, 9th Bars, 10th Beam, 7th Floor, 8th All Around
Stephanie Probert – 3rd Bars, 6th Floor, 9th All Around
Isabella Lamoureaux – 5th Vault, 6th Beam, 9th All Around
Chloe Chevalier – 3rd Vault, 7th Bars, 10th Floor, 10th All Around
Lizzie Zacky – 5th Bars, 8th Beam, 10th All Around
Sabrina Smith – 5th Vault, 6th Bars, 9th Floor, 10th All Around
Mary Waugh – 5th Vault, 10th Floor, 10th All Around
Hayden Henderson – 8th Vault, 10th Bars, 10th Beam, 10th Floor, 10th All Around
Isabella Welsh – 3rd Vault, 8th Beam, 5th Floor
Nikki Imera – 8th Vault, 10th Beam
Mikayla FIgueroa – 4th Beam, 6th Floor
Regina Knoll- 7th Beam, 6th Floor
Sadye Lackman – 9th Vault, 10th Beam
Amanda Marzano – 10th Vault, 9th Bars
Destinee Trahan – 10th Vault
Maddie Amen – 7th Vault
Sarina Ross – 8th Beam
Kristen Fernandez – 10th Floor
Kylie Zaring – 8th Vault
Sabrina Starkman – 7th Vault
Samantha Figueroa – 9th Floor
Raina Miglas – 7th Bars
Grace Nasser – 10th Vault
Kyla Kapner – 10th Bars
Alex Shellow – 7th Vault
Carly Kliewer -10th Bars