2014 TOPs Diamond Team

We are so proud to announce that Ali Valdez, Kaylee Cheek and Ellorie Cane have earned a place on the TOPs Diamond National team. The Diamond Team is comprised of the strongest 50 TOPs testing 7 year olds in the country. The girls were tested on Handstands, Ropes, Kicks, Presses, Leg Lifts and Casts. Great job ladies!

US Secret Classic 2014

The 2014 US Secret Classic has come and gone, and the Paramount ladies had an excellent weekend. Sophia competed like she belonged on the podium. She showcased the highest difficulty beam routine of the entire HOPEs competition where she placed 8th. She also had a clean bar routine, a solid vault and debuted a new dance routine with an upgraded tumble set. An unfortunate slip on her last pass knocked her out of medal contention there.

Katelyn Searle put together one of her more solid competitions of the year. She placed 7th on Vault, was solid on floor and bars and had an unfortunate slip off the beam. We were really proud of her ability to prepare in such a short amount of time – she got the call to compete last minute!

Caitlin Smith competed at her first international level competition while dealing with an injury. She showed that she was a true competitor hitting her best bar routine of the season. She showcased and hit an upgraded beam routine and nailed her floor routine – which earned her rave reviews from fans

“This floor routine performed by Caitlin Smith is full of energy. There’s not much of a crowd there, but if there was, they’d be cheering along to this one. It’s hard to ignore the passion she has jolting through her body like electricity not only in her choreography but in every tiny movement she makes. She’s very sharp, and her execution is also fantastic!

The Gymternet

The girls represented the gym like true professionals and we are very proud!