Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion Result Highlights

Congratulations to PEG’s gymnasts who competed at the Heart of a Champion Invitational over the weekend. Following are a few highlights:

Optionals: Levels 6-10

Level 10

Sara Ulias: 1st Bars, Floor, AA; 3rd Vault
Sophia McClelland: 1st Beam; 2nd Bars, Floor, AA
Kira Bolden: 2nd Vault, AA; 3rd Floor
Ava San Jose: 2nd Beam; 3rd Bars, AA
Bronwyn Hoffman: 2nd Floor; 3rd Vault
Gabriella Meccia: 1st Vault; 3rd AA
Anahit Assadourian: 2nd Beam
Alicia Wendland: 2nd Bars; 3rd Beam
Isabella Martin: 2nd Bars; 3rd Beam

Level 9

Avery Marshall: 1st Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Sophia Maliwanag: 1st Floor; 3rd Beam, AA
Ali Lowe: 2nd Vault
Maeva Geffroy: 1st Vault; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor

Level 8

Zoe Hale: 2nd Floor; 3rd Vault, AA
Joelie Berelc: 1st Floor; 2nd Beam
Dempsey Foxon: 2nd Beam
Mikayla Figueroa2nd Floor

Level 7

Autumn Wald: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor
Hanalei Reyes: 1st Vault, Floor; 2nd AA
Gianna Silva: 3rd Floor
Eden Hronsky: 1st Bars; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor

Level 6

Cayenne Magdlen: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Vault, Beam, Floor
Eva McDaniel: 2nd Beam, AA; 3rd Bars
Jessica Knish: 2nd Floor
Katarina Stoa: 2nd Floor

Xcel: Levels Bronze-Diamond


Abigail Leight: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Erin Marshall: 1st Bars, Beam; 2nd Floor, AA


Mia Kuroda: 1st Vault, Bars, AA; 3rd Floor
Abigail Del Conte: 1st Vault, Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Kiera Donovan: 2nd Vault, Floor; 3rd AA
Elise Snoonian: 1st Floor
Michelle Rey: 2nd Vault
Jenna Baker: 1st Floor; 3rd Vault


Alvia Klein: 1st Vault, Beam, AA; 3rd Floor
Audrey Odenkirk: 1st Bars; 2nd Vault, Floor, AA; 3rd Beam
Camilla-Rose Gutierrez: 1st Bars, Floor; 2nd Beam; 3rd Vault, AA
Layla Milstein: 1st Vault; 2nd Beam


Genevieve Falco: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, AA; 2nd Floor
Shira Luzon: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Beam, Floor
Olivia Del Conte: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, AA
Anna-Sophia Falco: 2nd Bars; 3rd Vault, Beam, AA

Compulsories: Levels 3-5

Level 4

Forrest Semel: 1st Vault

Level 3

Ella Catania: 1st Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Scarlett Ovadia: 3rd Floor
Sarah Herz: 2nd Bars, 3rd AA

Heart of a Champion Awards

The Heart of a Champion meet has special Heart of a Champion awards that are given for each event per session. These awards are decided by the judges for one of the following categories: Poise, Determination, Courage, Sportsmanship and/or Self Confidence. Here are the PEG gymnasts who received a Heart of a Champion award:
Level 10
Bronwyn Hoffman for Determination on Bars and Alicia Wendland for Determination on Beam

Level 9
Grace Hentemann for Poise on Bars and Maeva Geffroy for Determination on Floor

Level 7
Eden Hronsky for Determination on Vault
Level 5
Alera Magdlen for Determination on Beam

Level 6
Rose Gatins for Determination and Poise on Bars

Xcel Platinum
Elise Snoonian for Poise on Floor

Xcel Silver
Camilla-Rose Gutierrez for Poise on Beam

In Team News….

PEG teams came away with quite a few top three team trophies as follows:
Level 10 and 6 received 1st; Level 9, 7, Gold, Silver and Bronze received 2nd; and Level 8 received 3rd.

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