Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion Result Highlights

Congratulations to PEG’s gymnasts who competed at the Heart of a Champion Invitational over the weekend. Following are a few highlights:

Optionals: Levels 6-10

Level 10

Sara Ulias: 1st Bars, Floor, AA; 3rd Vault
Sophia McClelland: 1st Beam; 2nd Bars, Floor, AA
Kira Bolden: 2nd Vault, AA; 3rd Floor
Ava San Jose: 2nd Beam; 3rd Bars, AA
Bronwyn Hoffman: 2nd Floor; 3rd Vault
Gabriella Meccia: 1st Vault; 3rd AA
Anahit Assadourian: 2nd Beam
Alicia Wendland: 2nd Bars; 3rd Beam
Isabella Martin: 2nd Bars; 3rd Beam

Level 9

Avery Marshall: 1st Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Sophia Maliwanag: 1st Floor; 3rd Beam, AA
Ali Lowe: 2nd Vault
Maeva Geffroy: 1st Vault; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor

Level 8

Zoe Hale: 2nd Floor; 3rd Vault, AA
Joelie Berelc: 1st Floor; 2nd Beam
Dempsey Foxon: 2nd Beam
Mikayla Figueroa2nd Floor

Level 7

Autumn Wald: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor
Hanalei Reyes: 1st Vault, Floor; 2nd AA
Gianna Silva: 3rd Floor
Eden Hronsky: 1st Bars; 2nd Beam; 3rd Floor

Level 6

Cayenne Magdlen: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Vault, Beam, Floor
Eva McDaniel: 2nd Beam, AA; 3rd Bars
Jessica Knish: 2nd Floor
Katarina Stoa: 2nd Floor

Xcel: Levels Bronze-Diamond


Abigail Leight: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Erin Marshall: 1st Bars, Beam; 2nd Floor, AA


Mia Kuroda: 1st Vault, Bars, AA; 3rd Floor
Abigail Del Conte: 1st Vault, Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Kiera Donovan: 2nd Vault, Floor; 3rd AA
Elise Snoonian: 1st Floor
Michelle Rey: 2nd Vault
Jenna Baker: 1st Floor; 3rd Vault


Alvia Klein: 1st Vault, Beam, AA; 3rd Floor
Audrey Odenkirk: 1st Bars; 2nd Vault, Floor, AA; 3rd Beam
Camilla-Rose Gutierrez: 1st Bars, Floor; 2nd Beam; 3rd Vault, AA
Layla Milstein: 1st Vault; 2nd Beam


Genevieve Falco: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, AA; 2nd Floor
Shira Luzon: 1st Bars, AA; 2nd Beam, Floor
Olivia Del Conte: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, AA
Anna-Sophia Falco: 2nd Bars; 3rd Vault, Beam, AA

Compulsories: Levels 3-5

Level 4

Forrest Semel: 1st Vault

Level 3

Ella Catania: 1st Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
Scarlett Ovadia: 3rd Floor
Sarah Herz: 2nd Bars, 3rd AA

Heart of a Champion Awards

The Heart of a Champion meet has special Heart of a Champion awards that are given for each event per session. These awards are decided by the judges for one of the following categories: Poise, Determination, Courage, Sportsmanship and/or Self Confidence. Here are the PEG gymnasts who received a Heart of a Champion award:
Level 10
Bronwyn Hoffman for Determination on Bars and Alicia Wendland for Determination on Beam

Level 9
Grace Hentemann for Poise on Bars and Maeva Geffroy for Determination on Floor

Level 7
Eden Hronsky for Determination on Vault
Level 5
Alera Magdlen for Determination on Beam

Level 6
Rose Gatins for Determination and Poise on Bars

Xcel Platinum
Elise Snoonian for Poise on Floor

Xcel Silver
Camilla-Rose Gutierrez for Poise on Beam

In Team News….

PEG teams came away with quite a few top three team trophies as follows:
Level 10 and 6 received 1st; Level 9, 7, Gold, Silver and Bronze received 2nd; and Level 8 received 3rd.

Summer Camp


Early Bird Price

$210 per week

Must register and pay in full before May 31st

 Price increases to $250 per week June 1st


   Week 1—6/10-6/14                                  Week 6—7/15-7/26

    Week 2—6/17-6/21                                  Week 7—7/22-7/26

   Week 3—6/24-6/28                                   Week 8—7/29-8/2

Week 4 –7/1-7/5 (No camp 7/4)               Week 9—8/5-8/9

     Week 5—7/8-7/12                                    Week 10—8/12-8/16

     Early Morning Care~8am $10/day     After Care~3-6pm $20/day 

Daily Rate~$70/day


*payment is due at the time of enrollment*

* A minimum of 5 students must be registered for the camp to run*

(You will be notified the Friday prior if the camp is not running)

*Students must be 5 or older to participate in camp*

Result Highlights

Congrats to PEG’s Xcel teams who competed at the World Elite Classic where many hit all their routines or received personal bests. Below are those that were top three finishers from the meet.


                          Abigail Leight: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
                          Erin Marshall: 1st Beam; 2nd AA; 3rd Bars


                         Abigail Del Conte: 1st Vault, Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Bars
                         Michelle Rey: 1st Vault, Beam, AA; 2nd Bars, Floor
                         Mia Kuroda: 1st Vault, Bars, Floor, AA; 2nd Beam
                         Kiera Donovan: 1st Vault, AA; 2nd Bars, Beam
                         Leorah Emrani: 1st Beam; 2nd Floor
                        Jenna Baker: 2nd Vault
                        Elise Snoonian: 1st Floor


                        Layla Milstein: 1st Vault, Bars; 2nd AA; 3rd Floor
                        Audrey Odenkirk: 1st Floor; 2nd Beam; 3rd Vault, AA
                        Camilla-Rose Gutierrez: 3rd Bars, Beam, AA
                        Alivia Klein: 2nd Floor
                        Kelsey Wiblin: 3rd Bars


                       Shira Luzon: 1st Beam, Floor, AA; 2nd Vault, Bars
                       Genevieve Falco: 1st Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
                       Olivia Del Conte: 1st Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
                       Anna-Sophia Falco: 1st Vault, Bars; 2nd Beam, AA



Ava & Bronwyn Qualify Hopes Optionals

Congratulations to Ava San Jose and Bronwyn Hoffman who both received their qualifying Elite Optional scores respectively at the Gliders Invitational and the Biles Elite Invitational. Both gymnasts have now qualified their Compulsory and Optional scores, making them eligible for the Hopes Classic later this summer. Great job, ladies!

Photo Credit: Maria Berelc

Abigail Leight is the 2018 Gymnast of the Year!

Congratulations for Abigail Leight for being named the 2018 Chalk Warrior/International Gymnast Magazine Xcel Gymnast of the Year! Abby was selected for this award out of hundreds of gymnasts. The award was announced at the Brestyan’s Invitational awards banquet. Great work, Abby!

Three Qualify Elite Compulsory & Optionals Rock the Fiesta Bowl!

Congratulations to PEG’s Optional gymnasts who competed at the Fiesta Bowl over the weekend. Following are some of the highlights.Congratulations to PEG’s Optional gymnasts who competed at the Fiesta Bowl over the weekend.

Following are some of the highlights:

Elite Compulsory Qualifier

First up at the Fiesta Bowl was the Elite Compulsory Qualifier held at the Fiesta Bowl host gym, Desert Lights. Sophia Maliwanag, Ava San Jose and Grace Hentemann competed the event and all three received their qualifying scores. Congratulations, ladies!

Fiesta Bowl Optional (Level 6-10) Result Highlights
Congrats to the many PEG gymnasts who hit all their routines or received personal bests. Below are those that were top three finishers from the meet:

Level 10

Isabella Martin: 3rd Beam
Kira Bolden: 1st Vault; 3rd Floor
Sara Ulias: 3rd Bars
Sophia McClelland: 1st Beam; 3rd Bars

Level 9

Avery Marshall: 1st Vault, Bars, Floor; 2nd AA
Grace Hentemann: 2nd Floor
Sophia Maliwanag: 2nd Beam; 3rd Vault
Kaelyn Diaz: 3rd Bars
Ali Lowe: 2nd Vault, Beam, AA; 3rd Floor
Maeva Geffroy: 2nd Vault, Floor; 3rd Beam
Jaida Menteer: 3rd Vault, Floor
Ruby Cook: 3rd Vault, Floor

Level 8

Zoe Hale: 1st Vault, Floor, AA; 2nd Beam
Joelie Berelc: 1st Floor; 2nd AA; 3rd Bars, Beam
Carly Kliewer: 1st Bars
Laura Liu: 3rd Beam, Floor
Dempsey Foxson: 2nd Floor
Mikayla Figueroa: 2nd Floor

Level 7

Hanalei Reyes: 1st Vault, Floor; 2nd AA
Gianna Silva: 1st Vault; 2nd Floor, AA; 3rd Beam
Autumn Wald: 1st Bars; 3rd Floor, AA
Eden Hronsky: 2nd Beam; 3rd AA

Level 6

Jessica Knish: 1st Floor; 2nd Vault, AA; 3rd Beam
Eva McDaniel1st Vault, Beam, AA; 2nd Bars
Cayenne Magdlen: 1st Beam, Floor; 3rd Bars, AA
Katarina Stoa1st Floor; 3rd AA
Olivia Rice: 1st Beam
Anna Stanley: 3rd Floor
Rose Gatins: 3rd Vault
Camille Condren: 2nd Vault; 3rd Bars

In Team News….

A few Optional teams nabbed a top three finish: Level 6 with 1st place; Level 10 and Level 9 with 2nd place; and Level 8 in 3rd place.

Alicia is a Canadian National Champ

Congratulations to Alicia Wendland who competed at Elite Canada over the weekend. She competed as Novice (likes Hopes in the U.S.) and was awarded 1st place on Floor and AA after a two-day competition. Way to go!  Alicia was also named one of fifteen to the High Performance Novice List.  Great job Alicia!  We are super proud of you!!

Holiday Closure

We will be closed December 24th and 25th for the Christmas Holiday


December 31st and January 1st for the New Year.

We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

Caitlin Smith Signing Day

Thank you to PEG Parents for hosting Caitlin Smith’s National Signing Day!

In front of many current and former PEG gymnasts, friends and family, Caitlin signed her official contract to join LSU’s women’s gymnastics team on a full ride scholarship.

We’re so proud of you, Caitlin, and can’t wait to cheer you on at LSU next year!!

Geaux Tigers!!