Athlete Profile – Grace N

Grace Nasser

Grace competing on beam.

Name: Grace/Gracie Nasser
Nickname: Grace Nascar
Age: 10
Level: 5
Favorite Event: Beam
Favorite Gymnastics Memory: Making her round off, back handspring, back tuck on the floor!
Favorite Leo brand: GK
Short term goal: Is to make a perfect back walkover on the beam and make higher than a 36 on her next competition.
Long term goal:  is to move to level six.
Favorite NON- gymnastics activity: Swimming.

Athlete Profile – Sammy G!

Sammy Goldman

Sammy Goldman wins first place at the Lady Luck Invitational.

Name: Sammy Goldman
Favorite Event:Floor
Favorite gymnastics memory: When I won level 8 State Champion on vault. I was in shock!!!
Favorite leotard brand: Rebecca’s Mom
Short term gymnastics goal: Level 9 Westerns and State Champion.
Long term gymnastics goal: To be accepted to an elite college.
Favorite non- gymnastics activity:sketching, painting nails, and shopping.

2012 National TOPs Testing

The results are in – PEG will be sending 6 girls to the 2012 National TOPs testing.

2012 TOPs National Testing Qualifiers

The 6 girls headed to the 2012 TOPs National Testing:
Bella, Bog, Izzy, Amari, Katelyn, & Journi

The girls will travel from Sept. 27 – 30 to the middle of the San Houston National Forest.  This testing takes place at the famed Bela Karolyi /National Team / Olympic Training Center.

Let’s meet the girls!

Bella (8) – this will be her first National testing, although she did attend the TOPs invitational campin May.

They had just been told they qualified.

Bog (10)- She’s a seasoned pro at this TOPs stuff. This is her third National testing. She’s also been to A camp, B camp and was top 3 in physical abilities at the May Invitational Camp. You can also see her featured in the Ontario stop of the Kellogg’s Tour!
Izzy (10) – This is Izzy’s second time at National testing. She will also be headed to ranch in early September for developmental camp.
Amari (10) – This is also Amari’s 3rd National testing. Amari attended A camp last year and will be joining Izzy at developmental camp in September.
Katelyn (10) – This is her first trip to the ranch. We’re sure it won’t be her last! She will be featured at the Anaheim stop of the Kellogg’s Tour.
Journi (9) – Although she qualified for testing last year, she was unable to attend. This trip will be her first time at the National Team Training Center.

What is TOPs you ask?  It stands for Talent Opportunity Program.  The girls participate in local tests and are evaluated on strength, flexibility and basic skills.  The scores are sent to the National Office and compared against the rest of the country.  The top percent of testers are invited to the National Team Training Center for National Testing.  National testing involves much more difficult skills, but the same flexibility and strength tests.  The girls are judged by the National Staff.  The highest ranked girls are invited to the National Team (or A Camp) and the next group of highly ranked girls are invited to B camp.  Not everyone makes national testing or camp, it is a huge honor.

Inspired by McKayla Maroney, the girls are not impressed!

PEG is very proud of all the hard work and dedication the TOPs girls put in over the summer.  Here’s to a great testing in September.

Athlete Profile – Shayla


Shayla during her floor routine at the 2012 Lady Luck Competition

Every week we will be profiling one optional and one compulsory gymnasts from our team.

We are starting off with PEG’s most senior Athlete, Shayla.

Name: Shayla
Age: 16
Level: Second year level 10
Favorite Event: Beam
Favorite Leotard Brand: GK Sportswear
Favorite Gymnastics Memory: Competing at the  level 9 Western National Championships in 2011.
Short Term Goal: Make Junior Olympic Nationals
Long Term Goal: Get a college scholarship
Besides Gymnastics: I like to hang out with my family and go camping!