Kellogg’s Tour Wrap Up

We had 12 girls participate in the Kellogg’s Tourthese past weekends, and many more watching from the audience!  The consensus? It was a great time!

Caitlin and Redfoo

Caitlin meets Redfoo from LMFAO

To start, Bogdana, Katelyn and Caitlin were all featured athletes in the show.  The girls were representing the journey from young athlete to Olympian. They worked closely with John Macready, participated in skits on the trampoline and floor, plus did a little acting in between. Bogdana was in the Ontario stop, Caitlin was in Los Angeles and Katelyn was in  Anaheim. At the Los Angeles stop, LMFAO performed – it was pretty cool!

The other girls Maddie, Betsy, Sierra, Amanda, Stephanie, Ana, Kyla, Amy and Sabrina were all a part of the opening show.  We took everyone out to lunch at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City (Thanks to the Starkman family!) before hand.  From there we carpooled

Sabrina, Sierra and Maddie in the Opening Show

Sabrina, Sierra and Maddie in the Opening Show

to  Staples Center for the show.  The girls went through a super quick rehearsal, received their leos, flags and t-shirts and went out to the floor.  They were all treated to a talk from Jordyn Wieber, John Orozco, Chris Brooks and Savannah Vinsant.  It was cool to hear Olympians talk about their likes, dislikes, struggles and triumphs. After that the girls were shuttled back to the wings to await their big debut.  The opening number was great!  Lots of lights, excitement and action.  All of our girls did great, plus they had so much fun!

Waiting for their autographs.

PEG girls Ava, Carly, Sabrina, Sierra and Caitlin wait for their autographs.

Finally, after the show a few athletes were able to go get autographs.  This station was very efficient, no one was even allowed to stop for photos.  Aly Raisman, John Orozco and Kyla Ross and Gabby Douglas were all super sweet, making sure to say kind words to all of the girls. Thanks to USAG and the Kellogg’s tour for providing this amazing opportunity to all of the girls.

2012 National TOPs Testing

The results are in – PEG will be sending 6 girls to the 2012 National TOPs testing.

2012 TOPs National Testing Qualifiers

The 6 girls headed to the 2012 TOPs National Testing:
Bella, Bog, Izzy, Amari, Katelyn, & Journi

The girls will travel from Sept. 27 – 30 to the middle of the San Houston National Forest.  This testing takes place at the famed Bela Karolyi /National Team / Olympic Training Center.

Let’s meet the girls!

Bella (8) – this will be her first National testing, although she did attend the TOPs invitational campin May.

They had just been told they qualified.

Bog (10)- She’s a seasoned pro at this TOPs stuff. This is her third National testing. She’s also been to A camp, B camp and was top 3 in physical abilities at the May Invitational Camp. You can also see her featured in the Ontario stop of the Kellogg’s Tour!
Izzy (10) – This is Izzy’s second time at National testing. She will also be headed to ranch in early September for developmental camp.
Amari (10) – This is also Amari’s 3rd National testing. Amari attended A camp last year and will be joining Izzy at developmental camp in September.
Katelyn (10) – This is her first trip to the ranch. We’re sure it won’t be her last! She will be featured at the Anaheim stop of the Kellogg’s Tour.
Journi (9) – Although she qualified for testing last year, she was unable to attend. This trip will be her first time at the National Team Training Center.

What is TOPs you ask?  It stands for Talent Opportunity Program.  The girls participate in local tests and are evaluated on strength, flexibility and basic skills.  The scores are sent to the National Office and compared against the rest of the country.  The top percent of testers are invited to the National Team Training Center for National Testing.  National testing involves much more difficult skills, but the same flexibility and strength tests.  The girls are judged by the National Staff.  The highest ranked girls are invited to the National Team (or A Camp) and the next group of highly ranked girls are invited to B camp.  Not everyone makes national testing or camp, it is a huge honor.

Inspired by McKayla Maroney, the girls are not impressed!

PEG is very proud of all the hard work and dedication the TOPs girls put in over the summer.  Here’s to a great testing in September.

Kellogg’s Tour Stops – Ontario, Anaheim and Los Angeles


Katelyn show’s her stuff on the beam.

We got some exciting news today. PEG will have 3 athletes featured in various Kellogg’s Tour performances. These girls were chosen from their audition clips. You can view the clips by clicking on each girls name.

Bogdana – performing in Ontario, CA on Sept. 9
Caitlin – performing in Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 15
Katelyn -performing in Anaheim, CA on Sept. 16

The girls will be performing throughout the entire show, doing gymnastics, dance and acting. In the words of USA Gymnastics, “This is an excellent opportunity for the gymnast who [is] selected to star in a large production in front of huge audiences and have the chance to shine alongside our Olympic Champions.”

Bog strikes a pose on the beam.

These girls are performing in addition to Anna, Amy, Sierra, Kyla, Maddie, Stephanie, Amanda and Betsy who will be participating in the opening and closing ceremonies at the Los Angeles, Staples Center show. These girls were selected in a raffle the gym held. PEG earned the spots based on ticket sales.

You can still purchase tickets! Contact KAITLIN NICKOLS – p. 213.742.7209 | f. 213.742.7280

Mention you are with Paramount Elite Gymnastics if you want to sit with the group.