Bring on September

September represents the one year anniversary of our opening, and it is going to be a crazy month at Paramount Elite Gymnastics.

Everything kicks off with a bang on Sept.8 & 9 for the NAWGJ-SC’s Judges Cup. This Fiesta themed competition will the first held at PEG. There are over 300 athletes from 15 gyms participating over the weekend.  We can’t wait to get the season started!

US Olympic Training Center

The girls head to a morning workout at the National Team Training Center in Huntsville, TX.

That same weekend, Amari, Izzy and Caitlin will be heading to the National Team Training Cente/ US Olympic Training Center in Huntsville, TX.  The girls have been invited to participate in the Sept. Developmental Camp.  The ranch is always a cool experience – a bizarre mix of intense gymnastics and peacocks, camels and donkeys.  The girls are excited because they get to stay in the motels and not the cabins this trip.  Check back to hear their thoughts on the trip.

The following weekend is the Kellogg’s Tour.  PEG sold the most tickets of any club in SoCal.  As a result, Anna, Sierra, Betsy, Stephanie, Amy, Amanda, Maddie and Kyla get to participate IN the show. It will be such a cool experience.  On top of that Shayla, Elizabeth, Katie and Mary get to meet and greet the cast.  The girls are all super pumped to meet the fab five!  We will be blogging about the experience at the show, but you can check our Facebook for quick updates and pictures!

The next weekend we are heading to Coach Patty’s in Camarillo for her famous Out of This World Invite.  Everyone loves competitions at Coach Patty’s.  There’s great food for the coaches, great goody bags and awards for the kids, and a wine tasting shop right next door for the parents!

Finally, the last week of September is National TOPs testing.  While results are not out yet, we expect to be sending coaches and many athletes back to the National Team Training Center for the test.

Keep checking back for updates on all of these amazing experiences.