Caitlin Smith qualifies for the US Challenge

12 year old Caitlin Smith has been putting in some long hours at the gym lately.  Last week at the US Olympic Training Center it paid off when she qualified to the Secret Classic for the US Challenge. Caitlin qualified during the June developmental camp.  Under the watchful of Valeri Liukin and Chelle Stack she competed new upgraded routines successfully in order to earn a berth to the Chicago competition.  She placed 2nd on Beam and Floor during the verification.

This developmental camp was also memorable because all of the power at the training center was out for an evening.  The girls stretched in the dark waiting for the power to return, but were later dismissed to go hang out and be kids.   Caitlin says it was a lot of fun getting to hang out and play ping pong!

She looks forward to perfecting her routines and strutting her stuff at the Sears Center on July 26.

Caitlin Smith qualified to the US Challenge, July 26 in Chicago.

2012 – 2013 Banquet

Now that the 2013 Season is over, the booster club hosted an amazing banquet for us to celebrate the year.  On May 19th the team gathered at the Sportman’s Lodge in Studio City.  It was a beautiful venue and perfect for the event.  Brittani McCullough was our guest speaker.  She spoke to the girls about hard work, dedication, overcoming injuries, and setting expectations for yourself.  Coach Liang and our senior gymnast Shayla also spoke.  You can view a photo album of the event here.

We gave out many awards over the course of the evening!

We recognized our Nationally ranked TOPs ladies:
Amari Evas, Bogdana Kadashevich, Isabella Martin and Kayla Phillips.

For each level we recognized the MVP on each event. This is the athlete that had the highest event score all season long.
Level 10 MVP – Shayla Barnett -Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Level 9 MVP – Samantha Goldman -Vault
Level 9 MVP – Olivia Thomas – Bars
Level 9 MVP – Katie Chamberlain -Beam & All Around
Level 9 MVP – Caitlin Smith – Floor
Level 8 MVP – Amari Evans – Vault, Bars & All Around
Level 8 MVP – Bogdana Kadashevich – Bars
Level 8 MVP – Katelyn Searle – Beam
Level 8 MVP – Isabella Martin – Floor
Level 7 MVP – Sara East – Vault, Bars & All Around
Level 7 MVP – Ashley Peykar – Beam
Level 7 MVP – Amy Pham – Floor
Level 6 MVP – Sara East – Vault & Bars
Level 6 MVP – Kayleen Gordon – Beam
Level 6 MVP – Jaquelin Cane – Floor
Level 6 MVP – Samantha Figueroa – All Around
Level 5 MVP – Anahit Cholakyan – Vault
Level 5 MVP – Raina Miglas – Vault & All around
Level 5 MVP – Skylar Payab – Bars
Level 5 MVP – Grace Shuck – Beam
Level 5 MVP – Natalie Ramirez – Floor
Level 4 MVP – Isabella Lamoureaux – Vault
Level 4 MVP – Masha Tunik – Bars
Level 4 MVP – Taylor Krauss – Beam & All Around
Level 4 MVP – Madison Durham – Floor & All Around
Xcel Silver MVP – Dara Reyblat – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Xcel Bronze MVP – Kayla Sayble -Vault
Xcel Bronze MVP – Jennifer Fox – Bars
Xcel Bronze MVP – Carolina Ivchenko – Bars
Xcel Bronze MVP – Betsy Bass – Beam & Floor
Xcel Bronze MVP – Molly Cole – Floor
Xcel Bronze MVP – Alyssa Hanuscin – All Around

We recognized our State and Regional Champions: Kaelyn Diaz, Madison Durham, Jennifer Parandian, Kayla Phillips, Natalie Ramirez, Kayleen Gordon, Sara East, Jennifer Fox, Dara Reyblat & Amy Pham.

The last set of athlete awards we gave out were very special. Every girl on the team voted for who they thought should win each category. These awards are based 100% on peer review. We gave one award for the Optional, Compulsory and Xcel levels.

Most Inspirational:
Shayla Barnett, Nikki Imera & Isabella Fontal

Most Improved:
Sophia McClelland, Kaylee Cheek & Kayla Sayble

Best Sportsmanship:
Michaela Bove, Jorie Taylor & Molly Cole

Most Dedicated:
Caitlin Smith, Kayla Phillips & Betsy Bass

Best Attitude:
Katie Chamberlain, Madison Wolf, Madison Richman & Carolina Ivchenko.

Best attendance were Jesslyn Fernandez & Lexi Schloessman.

We recognized our graduating senior, Shayla Barnett. She will be going to UC Davis in the fall.

Finally, we honored Coach Yannick as PEG Coach of the year!

Athlete Profile – Sammy G!

Sammy Goldman

Sammy Goldman wins first place at the Lady Luck Invitational.

Name: Sammy Goldman
Favorite Event:Floor
Favorite gymnastics memory: When I won level 8 State Champion on vault. I was in shock!!!
Favorite leotard brand: Rebecca’s Mom
Short term gymnastics goal: Level 9 Westerns and State Champion.
Long term gymnastics goal: To be accepted to an elite college.
Favorite non- gymnastics activity:sketching, painting nails, and shopping.

Kellogg’s Tour Stops – Ontario, Anaheim and Los Angeles


Katelyn show’s her stuff on the beam.

We got some exciting news today. PEG will have 3 athletes featured in various Kellogg’s Tour performances. These girls were chosen from their audition clips. You can view the clips by clicking on each girls name.

Bogdana – performing in Ontario, CA on Sept. 9
Caitlin – performing in Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 15
Katelyn -performing in Anaheim, CA on Sept. 16

The girls will be performing throughout the entire show, doing gymnastics, dance and acting. In the words of USA Gymnastics, “This is an excellent opportunity for the gymnast who [is] selected to star in a large production in front of huge audiences and have the chance to shine alongside our Olympic Champions.”

Bog strikes a pose on the beam.

These girls are performing in addition to Anna, Amy, Sierra, Kyla, Maddie, Stephanie, Amanda and Betsy who will be participating in the opening and closing ceremonies at the Los Angeles, Staples Center show. These girls were selected in a raffle the gym held. PEG earned the spots based on ticket sales.

You can still purchase tickets! Contact KAITLIN NICKOLS – p. 213.742.7209 | f. 213.742.7280

Mention you are with Paramount Elite Gymnastics if you want to sit with the group.

Athlete Profile – Shayla


Shayla during her floor routine at the 2012 Lady Luck Competition

Every week we will be profiling one optional and one compulsory gymnasts from our team.

We are starting off with PEG’s most senior Athlete, Shayla.

Name: Shayla
Age: 16
Level: Second year level 10
Favorite Event: Beam
Favorite Leotard Brand: GK Sportswear
Favorite Gymnastics Memory: Competing at the  level 9 Western National Championships in 2011.
Short Term Goal: Make Junior Olympic Nationals
Long Term Goal: Get a college scholarship
Besides Gymnastics: I like to hang out with my family and go camping!

Bring on September

September represents the one year anniversary of our opening, and it is going to be a crazy month at Paramount Elite Gymnastics.

Everything kicks off with a bang on Sept.8 & 9 for the NAWGJ-SC’s Judges Cup. This Fiesta themed competition will the first held at PEG. There are over 300 athletes from 15 gyms participating over the weekend.  We can’t wait to get the season started!

US Olympic Training Center

The girls head to a morning workout at the National Team Training Center in Huntsville, TX.

That same weekend, Amari, Izzy and Caitlin will be heading to the National Team Training Cente/ US Olympic Training Center in Huntsville, TX.  The girls have been invited to participate in the Sept. Developmental Camp.  The ranch is always a cool experience – a bizarre mix of intense gymnastics and peacocks, camels and donkeys.  The girls are excited because they get to stay in the motels and not the cabins this trip.  Check back to hear their thoughts on the trip.

The following weekend is the Kellogg’s Tour.  PEG sold the most tickets of any club in SoCal.  As a result, Anna, Sierra, Betsy, Stephanie, Amy, Amanda, Maddie and Kyla get to participate IN the show. It will be such a cool experience.  On top of that Shayla, Elizabeth, Katie and Mary get to meet and greet the cast.  The girls are all super pumped to meet the fab five!  We will be blogging about the experience at the show, but you can check our Facebook for quick updates and pictures!

The next weekend we are heading to Coach Patty’s in Camarillo for her famous Out of This World Invite.  Everyone loves competitions at Coach Patty’s.  There’s great food for the coaches, great goody bags and awards for the kids, and a wine tasting shop right next door for the parents!

Finally, the last week of September is National TOPs testing.  While results are not out yet, we expect to be sending coaches and many athletes back to the National Team Training Center for the test.

Keep checking back for updates on all of these amazing experiences.