2012 – 2013 Banquet

Now that the 2013 Season is over, the booster club hosted an amazing banquet for us to celebrate the year.  On May 19th the team gathered at the Sportman’s Lodge in Studio City.  It was a beautiful venue and perfect for the event.  Brittani McCullough was our guest speaker.  She spoke to the girls about hard work, dedication, overcoming injuries, and setting expectations for yourself.  Coach Liang and our senior gymnast Shayla also spoke.  You can view a photo album of the event here.

We gave out many awards over the course of the evening!

We recognized our Nationally ranked TOPs ladies:
Amari Evas, Bogdana Kadashevich, Isabella Martin and Kayla Phillips.

For each level we recognized the MVP on each event. This is the athlete that had the highest event score all season long.
Level 10 MVP – Shayla Barnett -Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Level 9 MVP – Samantha Goldman -Vault
Level 9 MVP – Olivia Thomas – Bars
Level 9 MVP – Katie Chamberlain -Beam & All Around
Level 9 MVP – Caitlin Smith – Floor
Level 8 MVP – Amari Evans – Vault, Bars & All Around
Level 8 MVP – Bogdana Kadashevich – Bars
Level 8 MVP – Katelyn Searle – Beam
Level 8 MVP – Isabella Martin – Floor
Level 7 MVP – Sara East – Vault, Bars & All Around
Level 7 MVP – Ashley Peykar – Beam
Level 7 MVP – Amy Pham – Floor
Level 6 MVP – Sara East – Vault & Bars
Level 6 MVP – Kayleen Gordon – Beam
Level 6 MVP – Jaquelin Cane – Floor
Level 6 MVP – Samantha Figueroa – All Around
Level 5 MVP – Anahit Cholakyan – Vault
Level 5 MVP – Raina Miglas – Vault & All around
Level 5 MVP – Skylar Payab – Bars
Level 5 MVP – Grace Shuck – Beam
Level 5 MVP – Natalie Ramirez – Floor
Level 4 MVP – Isabella Lamoureaux – Vault
Level 4 MVP – Masha Tunik – Bars
Level 4 MVP – Taylor Krauss – Beam & All Around
Level 4 MVP – Madison Durham – Floor & All Around
Xcel Silver MVP – Dara Reyblat – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA
Xcel Bronze MVP – Kayla Sayble -Vault
Xcel Bronze MVP – Jennifer Fox – Bars
Xcel Bronze MVP – Carolina Ivchenko – Bars
Xcel Bronze MVP – Betsy Bass – Beam & Floor
Xcel Bronze MVP – Molly Cole – Floor
Xcel Bronze MVP – Alyssa Hanuscin – All Around

We recognized our State and Regional Champions: Kaelyn Diaz, Madison Durham, Jennifer Parandian, Kayla Phillips, Natalie Ramirez, Kayleen Gordon, Sara East, Jennifer Fox, Dara Reyblat & Amy Pham.

The last set of athlete awards we gave out were very special. Every girl on the team voted for who they thought should win each category. These awards are based 100% on peer review. We gave one award for the Optional, Compulsory and Xcel levels.

Most Inspirational:
Shayla Barnett, Nikki Imera & Isabella Fontal

Most Improved:
Sophia McClelland, Kaylee Cheek & Kayla Sayble

Best Sportsmanship:
Michaela Bove, Jorie Taylor & Molly Cole

Most Dedicated:
Caitlin Smith, Kayla Phillips & Betsy Bass

Best Attitude:
Katie Chamberlain, Madison Wolf, Madison Richman & Carolina Ivchenko.

Best attendance were Jesslyn Fernandez & Lexi Schloessman.

We recognized our graduating senior, Shayla Barnett. She will be going to UC Davis in the fall.

Finally, we honored Coach Yannick as PEG Coach of the year!