Liang Zhao
Founder - Liang Zhao
Liang is a former Chinese National Gymnastics Team member. He graduated from the Shanghai Physical Education Institute with a degree in sports science. He was the head coach of the Shanghai Gymnastics Program, where he produced athletes at the highest level of the sport. Liang has ten years of coaching experience in China and 18 years experience in the United States.
Sarah Korngold
Coach - Sarah Korngold
At the gym Sarah coaches all levels from kindergym up to Elite. She has been attending National Developmental camps for the past two years, working along side and learning from the top coaches in the country. Sarah is a NAWGJ certified level 10 judge. She is also the Southern California TOPs State Manager.
Yannick Lafflitto
Coach - Yannick Lafflitto
Yannick graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in nutrition. He plans on continuing working towards his teaching credential. Yannick also has a huge passion for sweets, baking and pastries - he would love to continue to explore that avenue. Yannick competed in gymnastics for several years, reaching level 10 as well as competed for a world ranked competitive all- star cheerleading team. Yannick enjoys coaching all levels of gymnastics with an emphasis on compulsory through level 7 girls. Yannick says the best part of coaching is seeing the kids face after accomplishing their goal and running up to their coach for a big hug.