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Our COVID-19


A Message to Our Parents

Here at PEG, we know that this is a scary and unprecedented for everyone. 

We deeply care about the health of our gymnasts. We also understand that many gymnasts miss training at the gym day in and day out. That is after why after much planning and preparation, we are continuing to support our gymnasts' passion for gymnastics even during this trying time. We are doing everything in our power to ensure a safe and sanitary gymnastics environment following the CDC re-opening guidelines.



(1) A gymnast gets her temperature checked via a no-contact thermometer by a PEG staff member. (Left)

(2) A gymnast properly geared up and eager to start the day. (Right)

  • Coaches and gymnasts have their temperatures checked and logged before entering the gym.

  • Coaches are required to wear masks at all times, and gymnasts must wear masks when entering and leaving the gym.

  • Each coach is provided with a personal hand-sanitizer bottle to share with his/her gymnasts.

  • Coaches and gymnasts are prohibited from entering the gym if they experience symptoms of sickness or have come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19.



(1) A PEG coach wipes down the bars before their use. (Top Left)

(2) PEG coaches gently clean the beam. (Bottom Left)

(3) A PEG coach cleans up after his shift by spraying the floor with disinfectant. (Top Right)


(4) A PEG coach disinfects the beam with UV technology. (Bottom Right)

  • Coaches spend 30 minutes after their shifts sanitizing the gymnastics equipment using EPA-approved disinfectant and UV technology.

  • Bathroom facilities, including door handles, light switches, toilet handles, toilet seats, and sinks are periodically disinfected each day.

  • Coaches provide hand sanitizer to gymnasts between event rotations. 
  • The entire facility is professionally sanitized every day using state-of-the-art electrostatic cleaning technology and EPA approved disinfectant.
  • The facility is amply ventilated throughout the day to increase air circulation.

A Message from Our Wonderful Cleaning Crew

Social Distancing


(1) Two gymnasts practice social distancing in the PEG lobby. (Top Left)

(2 - 4) Gymnasts maintain social distancing while using gym equipment.

  • Schedules are modified so that a maximum of 20 gymnasts train in the facility at the same time, for fewer hours than the usual summer schedule.

  • Floors are marked to remind gymnasts of the social distancing guidelines.

  • Gym equipment, such as beams, bars, and mats, are assigned so that gymnasts can remain at least 6 feet apart when training.

Personal Equipment


(1) A gym bag containing personal items.

  • Lockers, water fountains, vending machines, and pro shops have been closed.

  • Gymnasts are asked to prepare a personal backpack containing water, chalk, grips and other individual items to carry with them into the gym.