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Ages 5 - 6

If your child demonstrates an early passion for gymnastics, our Mini-Stars program trains aspiring gymnastic to be competition-ready for the J.O. program. Equivalent to Junior Olympics Level 2. 

Junior Olympics

Ages 7+

The classic Junior Olympics program has been proven to train strong and disciplined gymnasts. Under the guidance of Head Coach Liang Zhao, our USAG team competes successfully around the country in Junior Olympic Programs. Our J.O. gymnasts dedicate 9 - 30 hours each week honing their skills on the four events of of bars, beam, flour, and vault in preparation for competition. 


Compulsory (Levels 3 - 5)

Our Compulsory program is geared towards helping gymnasts build a solid gymnastics foundation before graduating to Optional levels. Gymnasts practice and perfect USAG-standardized routines in the four events. In competitions, they are judged on the exactness and completeness of their execution of the compulsory skills. 

Optional (Levels 6 - 10)

Our Optionals program teaches advanced gymnastics skills that demand focus and perseverance to master. Requirements become more specific and complex with each Optional level. Optional gymnasts practice and compete customized routines suited towards their strengths and are judged on their mastery and performance of the required skills.

College Recruits

Class of 2020

  • Isabella Martin - University of Alabama

  • Sarina Ross - Signed Bowling Green State University

  • Katelyn Searle - Signed Sacramento State

  • Sophia McClelland - Brigham Young University, Full Ride

  • Allison Lowe - Signed Brown University

  • Sara Ulias - Signed UCLA

Class of 2019

  • Caitlin Smith - Signed Louisiana State University

Class of 2018

  • Katie Chamberlain - Signed University of Pittsburgh

  • Ashley Kernan - Brigham Young University

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