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Xcel Team

Ages 5+

Gymnasts who want to be involved in gymnastics in a meaningful way without making the level of the commitment required by the J.O. program can consider joining the Xcel program. Xcel is an intensive but flexible program designed for gymnasts who enjoy team environments and accommodation in their schedules. The Xcel program is a great way for your gymnast to begin specializing in skills and competing right away.


At PEG, we offers four divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. For each division, gymnasts compete with custom routines in events of their choice, an opportunity that J.O. gymnasts only receive after reaching the Optional levels.

Why Xcel?

Optional Rules

  • Unlike Compulsory gymnasts who are required to learn and practice the same routines for competitions before reaching Optional levels, Xcel gymnasts compete to optional rules starting from Bronze divisions. 

  • Xcel optional competition rules are also typically more lax than the J.O. competition rules. Gymnasts can choose which skills to perform in their routines.

  • Routines are custom choreographed to suit the gymnast's individual strengths and abilities.​

Optional Events

  • Gymnasts are not obligated to compete in all four events at competitions. Gymnasts can choose which events to compete in depending on their strengths and available time. ​​

Manageable Time Commitment

  • Xcel gymnasts typically train 6 - 9 hours a week, allowing gymnasts to maintain commitments outside of gymnastics.

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